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How to Measure Your Head for a Wig

It is crucial that you measure your head correctly as this is the key to your satisfaction with your ChiTi Beauty Salon & Hair Replacement. Please remember that you must measure your head in the same condition as you will wear it under the lace wig and you want to get your hair as flat as possible. That means if you plan to wear a wig cap while wearing your wig, you must take your measurements with your wig cap on for the best fit. You will also need a cloth or plastic tailoring tape measure that is flexible in order to take your measurements in inches. Do not pull the tape too tight, but it should be a snug fit. We recommend measuring at least twice to assure accuracy, as your wig will be constructed based only on the measurements you provide. We also recommend that you measure from approximately 1/4 inch beyond your hairline to ensure that when glued, your wig will adhere to your skin and not directly on your hairline.

Measure you head Circumference

01. Circumference

Place the tape flat against your forehead at your hairline and wrap around your head. The tape should rest behind your ears and also sit on the nape of your neck.

02. Forehead to Nape

Looking downward, center the tape measure on your front hairline. Place the tape measure about a 1/4 inch in front of your hairline and measure back to the nape of your neck going over the crown of your head. If you are unsure where your nape is, bend your head backward and note where your skin folds- this is your nape. Keep in mind that you want to adhere glue to the outside perimeter of your natural hairline, so if you have some hair below your nape area that you want to cover, measure up to that point. The measurement should be taken with your head downward.

Measure you head Forhead to Nape
Ear To Ear Across Forehead

03. Ear To Ear Across Forehead

Place tape just in front of your ear at your hairline (at sideburns), and measure to your opposite sideburn bringing the tape across your front hairline.

04. Ear To Ear Over Top of Head

Place tape at your hairline at the top of your ears and measure over the top of your head over to your opposite ear. If your hairline falls under your ear, start the tape measure there and position as stated above.

Ear To Ear Over Top of Head
Point to Point (Temple to Temple Arround Back)

05. Point to Point (Temple to Temple Around Back)

Place the tape measure at your hairline from your temple going around the back of your head to the opposite temple.

06. Nape of Neck

Measure the width of your hairline across the nape of the neck.

Nape of Neck

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