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How To Take Care Of Your Wig

How To Take Care Of Your Wig

Here is the thing that you need to realize how to deal with the wig.

"Quality of the wigs in Chitibeautywigs."

The wigs in Chitibeauty made of over 100 human hair bundles. Natural human hair is actually more expensive than simulated but its quality is also best. As well as composition perfectly with your hair and looking naturally, these real hair wigs are multipurpose and, unlike simulated ones, can be dyed and clipped with the hair straightener or wave cutter. Also, natural human hair wigs are more strong and you can enjoy them fully. 

Protection The wigs

 Human hair wigs need more special care. They should be washed with a warm shampoo and hydrated with the appropriate products. Apply hair removal and shine masks repeatedly. There are additionally extraordinary brushes with which you should brush your expansions to try not to harm them. Take care of the styling products you use, they must be of high quality.

For Proper Care to The Wigs Followings The Step Below

Step 1: Wash up the human hair wig in the correct way

a. Comb or brush the wig from the ends. According to the different hairstyles, please use different tools. Use the wide tooth comb on curly hair, but brush on the straight wave hair.  When the knots on the hair are free, you can stir the route up to the roots until your brush or sift through it without catching.

b. Put some shampoo into the warm water you prepare in the sink which you fulfill with water. Different hairstyles use different shampoo. For example, in the event that you need to wash your wavy hair hairpiece, you can utilize a cleanser made for wavy hair. On the off chance that your hair was colored, you need to pick the cleanser which can ensure the shading safe. Please don't apply the shampoo on your wig directly, it will damage the hair cuticles of your wig. You can use the soapy water to wash the wig. Remember that you would be wise to not utilize the 2-in-1 cleanser, in light of the fact that the conditioner can't excessively near the hair roots, equivalent to our own hair.

c. Allow the hairpiece to cover outside and place it into the water. Kindly let the wigs cap outside and leave the hairpiece filaments free. This way can make the cleanser simple to arrive at the cap where is the most earth, oils and sweat leave. At that point put the hairpiece into the water till lower them, give the hairpiece a delicate twirl to help the cleanser all through the hair strands. Allow the wig to douse into the cleanser water at any rate 5 minutes to ensure that the hairpiece is totally lower in the water. Kindly don't do a lot of whipping, crushing, and twirling which cause the hair get tangled without any problem. 

d. Clean the cleanser by new warm water till all the cleanser gone. Kindly don't utilize the heated water which will demolish the hair fiber. In the event that your hair hairpiece is thick, you can wash more. As indicated by various circumstances utilize various ways. 

e. Utilize some top notch conditioner on your hairpiece to sustenance it. On the off chance that your hairpiece is basic hair weft sewing in hairpiece, you can utilize the conditioner ordinary, there wouldn't have any warmth on the weft. In any case, if your hairpiece is ribbon front hairpiece, if it's not too much trouble, be cautious about your hairpiece cap. the hair strands are hitched onto the trim, in the event that you utilize the conditioner on the ribbon, it will make the bunches on the trim free, at that point the hair ought to be falling. So you can utilize the hair conditioner by the hairpieces you use. On the lookout, there are numerous sorts of hairpieces, similar to bind hairpiece, full ribbon hairpiece, and trim front hairpiece, the ability is unique, so the path how to secure it is extraordinary. 

f. Hang tight for 4-5 minutes, at that point wash the conditioner. Ensure the hair lower the conditioner totally, so the hair can keep reflexive and sparkling. By the virus new water, clean the conditioner on the hair.

Step 2: Dry your human hair wig.

a. Put the wig cap to the correct side and press the water out tenderly by towel. At the point when you press the water, kindly don't bend or wring the strands. Since it cause the hair tangle or sensitive to break. Never brush the wig when it is wet. A similar explanation.

b. Use a dry towel ingest the overabundance water. Allow the dry towel to cover the hair, press the towel to ensure retain the water in the hair totally. After it, open the towel delicately and eliminate the wig. On the off chance that you have a long wig, ensure that the hair strands are adequately smoothed, no matte and bunches.

d. Put your wet wig on the hair stand and let it dry noticeable all around. Never brush your wig when it is wet which will harm the hair strands. While your wig is wavy, if it's not too much trouble, utilize wide tooth sift or your fingers all through your hair.

e.If you are rush to utilize your wig, you can utilize the blow dry, yet ensure set the drier at the low temperature. Or then again it will harm the hair fingernail skin. At the point when you utilize the hair dryer to dry the wig cap first, after the cap dry, you can put the wig onto your head. Fix it with bobby pins, finish blow drying the wig while it is your responsibility. In the event that you need your wig have more volume, you can dry it topsy turvy. This implies let the wig cap outside, and let it dry first, cut the scruff part of the wig cape to a jeans holder. At the point when the wig cap dry, you can hang the wig up in the shower for a couple of hours to ensure it can air dry.

Obviously, you can't utilize the shower now. In the event that the shower isn't accessible for utilizing, you can hang your wig some other spot dry it normal without harm the hair filaments. A client ask us that whether can dry the wig in the microwave, obviously not, it harm your wig, yet additionally harm your microwave. If it's not too much trouble, be consideration about this.

Step 3: Make a hairstyle and maintain your wigs.

a. You can brush your wig when it is dried totally. Brush the wig from the closures to maintain a strategic distance from tangle. On the off chance that your wig is wavy, you can utilize the wide tooth brush. 

b. The haircut isn't on par with what is prior to washing. You can utilize the hair curling accessory make a few twists or level iron fix your wig. Every one of these twists will lost when you wash your wig once more, so you can do the equivalent without any problem. At the point when you utilize the iron, if it's not too much trouble, set the appropriate temperature. 

c. When you don't wear your wig, you can put it on the hairpiece stand. Along these lines, the hairpiece can keep great shape. 

d. If your wig is messy, you can re-wash it. Typically, following 2 a month later, you can wash it. Washing all the more oftentimes isn't useful for the hair wig which will allow it to dry and matte. The wigs similarly as different items, the more you use, the less life expectancy it is. The more you wash, the fingernail skin are harmed without any problem. So kindly make a point to wash it when it is essential. 

e. Using a feature wig doesn't mean you shouldn't deal with your own hair. Your genuine hair is covered inside your wigs, so when your hair keep well, it is useful for your wig. While your hair is dry, not all that much oil, the hairpiece can keep longer on your head without clean.

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